Django URLconf Export

by Fred Fisher on Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020
Django URLconf Export logo

Do you need to make URLs for your Django website in another microservice?

This used to be painful; you had to hard-code URL logic in multiple places.

This was messy and fragile, especially when URLs are translated to multiple languages.

We have released a new open source library called Django URLconf Export to help solve this problem.

It exports your website URLconf in a JSON format, then imports it to any other Python service.

So you can make URLs for your website from anywhere, with no hassle, no repetition, and no tech debt.

Some examples of uses:

  • Email microservice that sends links to users.
  • Sitemaps generation microservice.
  • Microservice that buys paid ads for some website pages.

It’s on GitHub here and on PyPi here.

Video: 7 Minute Overview

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